DEFAULT RESEARCH delivers Order Lists Timely, Accurate Pre Foreclosure Data to Give You the Competitive Advantage

  • The most up-to-date pre foreclosure information
  • Listings have homeowner phone numbers (when available)
  • High delivery rates - records verified using NCOA & CASS
  • Daily email updates in Excel or PDF format
  • Search by LTV, Equity and Market value
  • Pre foreclosure listings are updated every weekday
  • Aerial photographs and maps of each pre foreclosure property
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verification Days** Yes* NCOA & CASS Weeks No No Weeks No No Weeks No No


Default Research provides the most accurate pre foreclosure lists. Unlike national companies that buy and resell pre foreclosure data from various sources, the Default Research pre foreclosure list is collected each day from the county courthouses. These unmatched pre foreclosure lists are the freshest in the market and contain over 1,000,000 pre foreclosure properties that include Notice of Default, Lis Pendens, and Notice of Trustee sale listings.

Default Research pre foreclosure listings and pre foreclosure statistics are the number one tool for

  • Serious Real estate Professionals interested in purchasing investment homes or completing short sales
  • Mortgage Brokers seeking to expand their business with new leads
  • Media around the world researching the pre foreclosure industry
  • and leading Pre Foreclosure Data Providers.

* Although telephones are one of the first utilities to be turned off due to non-payment, approximately 25% - 50% of our listings have phone numbers.

** Record times may vary from county to county and state to state as certain courthouses are slower at processing their records.